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It all began one night after a kickboxing class while enjoying a beer and catching up on Facebook. A few of my friends were sharing a story by Reembody about Fitspiration, which is also known as extreme fitness motivation. (It’s a great article, you should read it.) I love me some motivation as much as anyone, but this article really captured the “I might kill myself working out but it will be worth it for 6-pack abs” mentality.

I wondered: What if you put these quotes over pictures of people drinking? Could you see how crazy they are then?

Using my 6-pack of beer mentality, over the course of the evening I started to take the quotes from the article and put them over pictures of people drinking and calling it Drunkspiration. I did this on my phone, with my thumbs, while giggling that my friends would get a real kick out of them tomorrow. Next day I posted them on a Facebook page called The Rolling Blackouts, a drinking club that was started by women in Roller Derby. While I’m retired from skating and have plenty of time to drink, the women currently skating are incredible athletes. My only fear was I might offend a few of them that subscribe to somewhat of a Fitspo mentality (sorry ladies!)

This wasn’t the first time I had taken sports quotes and put them in a drinking context. I’d been doing that for years. But this time the response was so positive I though I’d see if they would be appreciated on Reddit.

Look Mom I’m #1 on Reddit Hot:


When they popped up on Social News Daily I celebrated with Jameson:


The next day these little things I made on my phone were everywhere and people were starting to make their own. I was able to make 3 of the 5 original designs into posters and changed 2 of the originals to feature men. I made the originals with women because I am a woman and so are most of my drinking friends.

I also have a lot of sober friends. I respect them and am grateful for their sobriety because without it I know many of them would be dead. Drunkspo is a parody. Not a parody of alcoholism, but of Fitspo and is only meant to be a source of amusement. Please drink responsibly.

And I did have to change the name from Drunkspirations to Drunkspo because sometimes multi-syllable words are hard, especially if you are drinking.

Posters are available at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreakedOutCat


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